Trustees Board
Catherine Demchur-Merry
Colleen Dove
Isabel Jackson
Jon Kerr
Sarah Randlett
Carrie Thomas, Chair

The advisory board of the Alice L. Pendleton Public Library exists to advise, recommend and advocate for the library to the governing body, the Town of Islesboro. The board supports the work of the library and provides leadership to the library director as well as leadership to the community regarding library services and resources. Although the operations are managed by the library director, the board-director relationship is a partnership.

The Trustees are appointed by the Selectboard and serve a term of three years. 

Trustee Minutes

February 2021

September 2021

June 2021

January 2021

October 2020

September 2020


Friends Board
Audrey Browne
Anmiryam Budner
Kathy DeGrasse
Meg Devereux
Priscilla Fort
Lindsey Higginson
Larry Hobart
Tricia Ladd, President
Toby Martin, Treasurer
Yvette Reid, Secretary
Robin Smith
Ashley Storm

The Friends of the Alice L. Pendleton Library is a volunteer organization made up of people who are dedicated to the Islesboro community, share a love and appreciation of libraries, and have a passion for reading. They are interested in fundraising and promoting awareness of library services and resources in order to enhance library offerings by:

  • Sponsoring events, programs, bake sales, and activities for adults and children

  • Holding fundraising events to purchase books, materials, and equipment not supplied by the library's annual budget

  • Creating newsletters to get the word out and generate interest in library offerings and happenings

  • Carefully maintaining the library's Remembrance Garden and presiding over all its horticultural needs

  • Applying for grants that help support the goals of the Friends and

  • Creating and overseeing the website