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Welcome to the Alice L. Pendleton Library. We are so happy you're here, and are anxious to share with you all the educational and entertainment resources at the library.


Explore and use the website, and then come on in and get started!

Melissa & Richard

Library Director:  Melissa Olson

Library Assistant/Technology Coordinator: Richard Coombs

Click box for a complete history of the library. 


Alice L. Pendleton


The Library building was initiated by the enthusiasm and hard work of Alice Lavinia Pendleton of Islesboro and Brooklyn. 


Islesboro’s first librarian, Alice started lobbying for a properly-sized library facility in 1905, fund raising began in 1912, and doors opened on January 14, 1918.

Miss Alice served as librarian until 1915 and thereafter served as the assistant librarian every summer until her death in 1951.

Our Building

Since its opening on January 14, 1918, the beautiful granite and brick building became the town’s social and cultural center under the guidance of Miss Alice Pendleton.  


Every Saturday summer afternoon a “sociable” was held with a variety of programs: performances by children costumed as early island settlers, historical essays, wildflower or bird contests, poetry, and speakers, including monologist Ruth Draper. 



August 25, 2018 marked the Centennial Celebration of the Alice L. Pendleton Library building. 

More than 100 visitors turned back the clock to mark the celebration.  The day featured photo displays capturing events from bygone years, tea and sandwiches served by a costumed lady from from authentic silver tea service, and a presentation of Miss Alice's very words from early in the century.

View photos of the day here. 

Remembrance Garden

The Remembrance Garden adjacent to the Library is Islesboro's only public garden — a peaceful place to spend a quiet moment or enjoy a brown bag lunch in the warm weather months.


Individuals and groups have contributed garden memorials to honor friends and relatives here.

We are thankful to the Friends of the Library for carefully tending to the garden and all of our horticulture needs, and hope that you stop by, relax on a bench, and enjoy all the beautiful flowers, plants, and bird houses.

Librarians of the Alice L. Pendleton Library

Alice L. Pendleton 1902-1915
Mildred L. Pendleton 1916
Meda Mae Dodge 1917-1920
M. Helen Pendleton 1921
Marion Kimball 1922-1923
Lena Williams 1924
Marion Kimball 1925-1959
Ethelind Palmer 1960-1968
Teri Bates 1968-1970
Elizabeth Anderson 1970
Jean Littlefield 1970
Blenda Reeby 1970-1971
Sue Shnur 1971-1974
Louise Mackenzie 1975-1994
Linda Graf 1994 - 2019
Melissa Olson 2019 - present
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