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Book Picks: Adults & Youth

If you're like us, you're always on the hunt for a good book.  We have most humbly compiled a list of adult and youth books to consider.  All are available at the library; some may also be available as audio books!

Our list will be updated every season, so check back!


If you'd like to recommend a book that you've read and thoroughly enjoyed, email us the title and author, and we'll feature it on this page, along with your name (or, anonymously, if you prefer).  Email to info@alplibrary.org

If you select one of our recommendations and share our enthusiasm for the selection (or not...), please let us know!  



Ages 9-12
Ages 12 and up
Ages 8 and up
Ages 5-8
Ages 8-12
Ages 8-12
Ages 3-7
Ages 8-12
Ages 3-7
Ages 4-8
Ages 8-12